I can train you, either at my own home, or at a convenient location specified by you - your house or, if the weather is clement, perhaps a local park?  In your hour-long session, we will work at a pace at which you are comfortable, following a pre-arranged exercise plan.

These one-to-one personal training currently has a special price of £15 per hour (within a 20 mile radius of Falmouth) and I have slots available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please either call me, or use the form below to enquire about times.

If you require a weekly food diary to follow, delivered to you after your session, the all-in price for your session is only £20.

If you would like to book a session with childcare, the price is currently £20 per hour, although times are limited with the childcare so I would suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.


Please fill in the form and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs.  For a speedier response, please feel free to give me a call!  Once we have set up your appointment you can pay in advance online below!


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You can now secure your booking by paying in advance for 1-1 classes using Paypal!



coming soon:

online courses!

By popular request, in the near future I will be launching a monthly, online fitness club that will give you access to  personal training videos specifically devised for you, to work out to at home, at your own convenience.

My personalised workouts will change EVERY month with completely different exercises, (not just the same exercises re-cycled) to keep you challenged and achieving results and each month you will receive a written plan and access to videos that demonstrate and explain the exercises for you.

Your personalised workout plan for the month will ensure that you know what to do when.

Also, follow me on Facebook to see fun challenges to keep you motivated and daily support from me personally – ask me a question and I answer, on fitness and nutrition and provide extra exercise and dietary tips.


Watch this space or listen out on Facebook for more info!


book 1-on-1 training

what exactly is Abs: Fitness 4 Mums?

Me and 2 of my babies.

That’s an easy question to answer.  Hi, I am Charlotte Stevens… I am 35 years old and have four beautiful girls, yep FOUR!


But initally, I never thought I could achieve much exercise-wise, as most of the time, I was either tied up with housework, work or looking after the kids.  That's why I decided to change things...

You see, I had always tried to stay fit before my babies arrived, but losing the weight after each birth was a real struggle (which got harder each time).  In the postpartum months - in which I suffered badly from postnatal depression - I felt like I was wearing a 20-pound fat suit and I wanted no part of going to, or being seen at the gym.


What I longed for was a comfortable setting where I could exercise both with and among other new moms, who were experiencing exactly the same kind of things that I was going through.


Now, when I came through all of that, using balanced exercise and specific routines to help me, I felt that I could help other mums, who would only have to take a couple of hours per week to exercise.  That way it would help prevent PND, or certainly help it to get better, due to the endorphines and energy that concentrated exercise can release.


So, I decided to refocus myself and have now become a fully certified personal trainer, as I want to help mums just like me, to change their thought processes into a more positive attitude towards overall fitness and allow women in similar situations to meet at my training groups and offer each other support.


Crucially, I also don't want mums to feel that they cannot exercise due to lack of childcare, which is why I have a child minder at my weekly Monday morning group in Falmouth and I can also arrange for the child minder to be at any pre-booked one-to-one sessions as well, if required (though this is at an additional cost to the lesson fee at the moment).


what are my goals as a trainer?

My aim for Abs: Fitness 4 Mums, is to provide motivating, fun and realistic fitness programs specifically designed for you (mums - their bodies and lifestyles) that will hopefully transcend, not only your fitness, but offer support, camaraderie and motivation to help you lead a more balanced and fulfilling life outside of our classes.  I hope to use my energy, knowledge and experience, as a personal trainer - who also happens to be a mother of four - to help motivate you, either in my group classes, or in a one-to-one training sessions.


Let's be honest, having a child is hard work.  After having a child, it is easy to fall prey to never having time for anything else… you feel lazy, yet have no time for yourself, which can lead to lethargy and depression.  As a mum who has experienced the sleepless nights, the sore boobs, the tantrums, the work-life balance conundrum and the many frustrations and even greater joys of motherhood, I promise you, I totally get it… and I will help you navigate through it in a sensible and realistic way.

I want to help you get from here....                                                                                     ...to here!

If I can even help just a handful of mums to make them feel good about themselves, whilst providing a healthier, happier lifestyle for them and their children, then my goal will be reached.

Now, let’s get you back in shape, both physically and mentally!  Get started today by calling to schedule your free consultation. We will discuss personal goals and expectations and what realistically can be done to help you achieve these goals.


We’ll discuss:


• Your personal wants and needs from exercise training

• Past exercise and health history (including any outstanding medical conditions)

• I’ll explain the benefits of working with a certified personal trainer

• We will find solutions to ensure you reach your fitness goals

• Any concerns you may have associated with starting a fitness and exercise program

This consultation is free with no obligation to enrol with me.


Once we have chosen a program that is right for you, I will help you set realistic, attainable and appropriate goals based on your individual needs - it's pointless working hard in our sessions, but trying to follow a routine that is impossible to keep up at home.

I’ll assist you with the proper form and technique, ensuring maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  This will hopefully make your fitness journey an enjoyable experience... or at least as painless as possible. :)


frequently asked questions...

Q. How soon after my baby’s birth can I attend a

class or have a one-on-one session?


A. As soon as your doctor or midwife gives you

the green light, you are welcome to join the

classes or book a one-on-one appointment.


Q. What age range of babies/kids can attend the

childcare included classes?


A. Any age range can be catered for, though very young

babies may require your attention during the class.


Q. What types of exercises should I expect?


A. You should expect a full range of exercise to

use all of your muscle groups.


Q. I'm worried, as I have never exercised before?

Will I be able to keep up?


A. I adjust the routine as such that everyone stays

motivated, but at their own pace.  Whether you have

hardly exercised pre-kids or are an avid exerciser, I will

make sure you get a great workout and the personal

attention you deserve.


If you have any other questions, please contact me.



what does

it cost?

I run two group classes in Cornwall.  Attendance at each hour-long call is currently just £5 per person and in my Monday morning group there is also a child minder on hand, who watches the children in the same room that we train in - at no extra cost!

JANUARY SPECIAL -  Mondays 10am, Wednesdays 8pm and Fridays 9am for groups at the Penryn Athletic FC. One group for £5, two for £8 and all three for £10. Or the whole month for £30

Regular times are:   Monday mornings at 10am-10.45am at Penryn Football Club

Wednesday evenings, 8pm at Penryn Football Club starting at 8pm-8.45pm.

You can pay in advance using the Paypal link below and, if you book 6 sessions in advance, you can save yourself £5!



Inspiring fitness 4

mums in Cornwall

where & when are my group classes?

I run two regular fitness classes based in the Falmouth & Penryn areas of Cornwall.  All are welcome to attend at whatever stage you are at on your fitness journey.  At my Monday morning class, there is even FREE CHILDCARE AVAILABLE, in our training room, if you want to bring the little ones along or can't find a babysitter.

Penryn Football Club.




Tel: 01326 354207

Mob: 07889 452940


9 Marina View,

Esperanza Court,


TR11 2WR.


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    Tel: 01326 354207

    Mob: 07889 452940


    9 Marina View,

    Esperanza Court,


    TR11 2WR.




    Tel: 01326 354207

    Mob: 07889 452940


    9 Marina View,

    Esperanza Court,


    TR11 2WR.

I want to help you get from here....                     ...to here!

I want to help you get from here..      ...to here!